Case Study – Longview, TX


In this post, we will be comparing and contrasting the economic, geographic, and political factors between Longview, TX and Bossier City, LA. We will then determine difference and similarities between both cities respective police departments.

Geographic Considerations and Population

Longview, TX is marginally larger than Bossier City, LA, surveying to be about 56 square miles versus 43 square miles. Additionally, Longview boast an estimated population near 82,000, while Bossier City stands near 69,000.

Bossier City is the fastest growing city in Louisiana currently, and similarly, Longview, TX claims to be the sixth-fastest growing city in the nation.

Longview, TX is located approximate 65 miles west of Bossier City, LA along the I-20


Median family income for both cities are nearly dead even at $42,000 a year.

Tax Revenue

Bossier City, LA sports a whopping 5.0% tax rate (combined with another 5% state for a total rate of 10%). This rate is one of the highest in the nation. Longview, TX, comparatively, demands only 1.5%.

Economic Considerations

Bossier City, LA is home to Barksdale Air Force Base, sporting an additional 5,500 personnel on base, plus local support staff.

Horseshoe Casino with Fireworks
Horseshoe Casino Shreveport, Lousisana

Additionally, Bossier City is home to four riverboat casinos, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year (Horseshoe Casino generated $198 million alone in 2016). Longview, TX does not have an Air Force base or riverboat casinos.

Police Department Staffing and Salary

Longview, TX Police Department currently employs 234 employees to ensure the safety of their citizens. Bossier City Police Department has 199 classified employees.

Longview Police Trainees earn nearly $51,longpayscale000 as they begin their employment. Conversely, Bossier City Police Recruits earn $32,000.

Longview PD publishes a stepped pay scale for officers in ranks Officer-Lieutenant. Bossier City only publishes the starting pay rate.

Longview PD incentive pay chart

Educational Incentives

Longview Police offer $1,200 – $1,800 annually in incentive pay for officers that have attained an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees.

Bossier City Police removed funding for all incentive pay nearly a decade ago.

Specialized Training Incentives

Longview Police Department offers employees working in specialized divisions to earn $1,200-$1,800 annually for certification as a K-9 officer, crime scene specialist, Field Training Officer, among others.

Bossier City Police does not offer incentive pay for specialized training, but does allow Field Training Officers to request pay for one additional hour of overtime per day while training a student officer.


Please review the chart below for a summary of the topics covered in this case study, and feel free to draw you own conclusions concerning the facts presented here.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. Bossier City police officers deserve a better pay structure! When there is this large a discrepancy, one tends to blame the city’s leader, but even his/her hands are tied because they need approval of the city council for most/all budget items. Instead of pointing finger, let’s just fix the problem! By the way, congratulations to all Bossier City police for doing a difficult job very well. I commend you all.


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