Case Study – Texarkana, AR


In this post, we will be comparing and contrasting the economic, geographic, and political factors between Texarkana, AR and Bossier City, LA. We will then determine difference and similarities between both cities respective police departments.

Geographic Considerations and Population

Texarkana, AR is about the same size as Bossier City, LA, measuring to be about 41 square miles versus 43 square miles. Texarkana, AR only has a population of 30,000 inside the city limits, compare to Bossier City’s 68,000 residents.


An argument could be made to review Texarkana, TX’s population of 37,000 as Texarkana, TX is immediately adjacent to the the west. You would then have to consider Shreveport, LA’s population of 199,000, as they are immediately adjacent to Bossier City, LA as well.


Bossier City is the fastest growing city in Louisiana currently, gaining residents at 2.03% per year. Meanwhile Texarkana, AR boasts a growth rate of only 0.08% a year.

Texarkana, AR is located approximate 73 miles north of Bossier City, LA along the I-49 corridor.


Bossier City’s median family income tops Texarkana, AR’s number $42,000 to $38,000.

Tax Revenue

Bossier City, LA collects a massive 5.0% tax rate for city coffers. Texarkana, AR, comparatively, demands only a modest 2.5%.

Economic Considerations

Bossier City, LA is home to Barksdale Air Force Base, sporting an additional 5,500 personnel on base, plus local support staff. Home of Global Strike Command, Bossier City is home to the cornerstone for the projection of military force abroad.

Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, AR

Additionally, Bossier City is home to four riverboat casinos, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year, including a multi-million dollar horse track and racing facility.

Texarkana, AR is home to the Red River Army Depot, which supports nearly 7,200 employees in the production, servicing, and maintenance of military vehicles. Texarkana, AR does not have any casino ventures.

Police Department Staffing and Salary

Texarkana, AR Police Department currently employs 81 sworn officers to protect and serve their citizens. Bossier City Police Department has 150 sworn police officers.texar-pay

Texarkana, AR Police Trainees earn over $38,000 as they begin their employment. Conversely, Bossier City Police Recruits earn $32,000.

Texarkana, AR PD publishes a stepped pay scale for officers in ranks Officer-Lieutenant. Bossier City only publishes the starting pay rate.

Educational Incentives

Longview Police offer $900 – $1,900 annually in incentive pay for officers that have attained an Associate’s, Bachelor’s degrees, or advanced degrees.

Bossier City Police does not offer educational incentives, and only requires a GED to start working as a police officer



Please review the chart below for a summary of the topics covered in this case study, and feel free to draw you own conclusions concerning the facts presented here.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!



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