Officers speak out on pay

A closer look at real officer pay

Today, Bossier C.O.P.S. wants to shine a light on Bossier City Police pay by taking a look at what matters most of officers and their family: their pay stub.

Several officers have come forward and shared their pay stubs with us and the consensus can be summed up in one word: Wow.

Bossier City doesn’t publicly share their pay chart for police, but they do share their starting police salary as $2733 per month.

$2733 per month equates to $32,796 per year, or $15.76 per hour. This is the starting pay for every officer.

Note: The State of Louisiana pays every police officer, sheriff deputy, and firefighter receive a supplemental pay of $500 a month. This money does not come from the respective jurisdiction, and is not used for comparison purposes here.

More than just income

But there is more on a pay stub than just income. Taxes, retirement, health insurance, and union dues are just some of the deductions that affect an officer’s bottom line. We will explore several officer’s pay stub, and let you draw your own conclusions about what is fair and equitable for Bossier City’s finest.

Example 1:

Example one is from an officer with less than three years experience on the force. pay1


Gross Income: $1261.60 (hourly: $15.77)

Taxes: $85.23

Health Insurance: $226.99
Retirement: $153.66
Professional Dues: $15.00

Net Income: $805.72 every two weeks (hourly $10.07)

Example 2:

Example two is from an officer with over four years time on the job. This officer is married, but only elects to receive health insurance coverage for himself.


Gross Income: $1291.85 (hourly: $16.15)

Taxes: $184.55

Health Insurance: $37.69
Retirement: $156.69
Professional Dues: $15.00

Net Income: $922.92 every two weeks (hourly $11.53)

Example 3:

Example 3 is from an officer with over ten years service. This officer uses the city family health and life insurance plans:ps3

Gross Income: $1,602.92 (hourly: $20.04)

Taxes: $205.08

Health/Life Insurance: $291.18
Retirement: $187.79
Professional Dues: 15.00

Net Income: $928.87 every two weeks (hourly $11.61)

Example 4:

Example four is from an officer with about three years experience on the force.


Gross Income: $1,291.85 (hourly: $15.77)

Taxes: $103.03

Health Insurance: $239.68
Retirement: $156.69
Professional Dues: $11.00

Net Income: $806.45 every two weeks (hourly $10.08)

Break it down

Now that you have seen what these officers are making, let’s look at some additional demographic information for Bossier City:

Median Family Income: $42,642
Median Income (Men): $30,632
Median Income (Women): $22,174
Average Bossier Rent: $800

Is it enough?

As we continue to delve into the complex issues surrounding police pay in Bossier City, please take this information and contact your elected and appointed city officials. Ask them if they are doing what they can to support Bossier City’s finest.



10 thoughts on “Officers speak out on pay

Add yours

  1. The ten years cop only makes six dollars more than the 4 year cop!! What a rip off. And I hope the insurance plan is good at almost $500 a month! Where is Bossier City’s 5% sales tax and all that casino revenue going??? Lining someone’s pocket


  2. This is wrong on so many levels. Law enforcement are underpaid to the point it’s shameful on the city and state. They deserve more…much more


    1. Because of overtime and officer-specific tax situations, an unethical member of the administration could use YTD net and gross part to personally identify the officers that spoke out for this article. Those numbers would be unique for each officer.


  3. This is disgraceful! BCPD and SPD deserve a fully restructured pay scale and pay raises to match the pay of other regional departments that have the same city population and size departments. I’ll keep fighting and advocating for both departments to fix this low pay and benefits. The officers deserve that at a minimum.


  4. I’m surprised that this is showing the average monthly rent in bossier is $800.00. That seems low. Maybe for a one bedroom apartment. I was just in the market for either a house or apartment and I was looking at a minimum $1000.00 more if everyone had their one room and my pay is a small fraction more that what you see on your 10year officer example above . I’m not sure what I’ll do when my car just completely falls apart because it is paid off and I’m barely making it, there is no way I could afford a car note . I’m a one salary household so something has to change!!!


  5. Wow this is so sad. These people have families to take care of…. I think as a community we need to take a better look into what is going on without tax dollars. there has to be more money in the budget since bossier has almost doubled in size over the last 10 years. And they obviously aren’t getting the appropriate raises where is this money going ??? It’s clear they are underpaid while some ones wallet is getting fatter but what about understaffed? I can’t tell you the last time I saw a bossier cop radaring or actually patrolling. These young men need more help because thugs multiple by the hour and we depend on these officers to keep the streets safe and ensure small things like the value of our houses don’t drop to a crime ridden neighborhood. PAY THESE YOUNG MEN MORE!!!! disappointed in you bossier!


    1. The men and women of the Bossier City Police Department take incredible risks every day. They have a high stress, high tempo job and they know that lives are in the balance. They don’t do it for the money; they do it because they love this city and they feel called to serve this community.

      We aren’t asking for anything other than what is right.

      Thank you for your kind words and your support.


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