Special Labor Day Weekend Message from Bossier C.O.P.S.

Football, Fall, and the End of Summer


Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. For many of us though, it marks the end of summer and the beginning of LSU football season.

Always Ready, Always Watchful

Bossier C.O.P.S. wants to remind you as you enjoy this holiday weekend of the labor of our brothers and sisters in blue, who are hard at work 24/7/365. These officers are patrolling your neighborhoods, responding to emergencies, and investigating issues that affect us all. They work day and night, holidays and weekends, because crime doesn’t sleep and the wolf is always on the prowl.

Police work is a labor of love, and these officers love Bossier City. Many officers were born and raised here, others fell in love with the city later in life. Each of us answered the call to protect what matters to us most: the families, livelihoods, and communities we call home.

Protecting Our Protectors

So remember these officers in your prayers, and if you see an officer out and about this weekend, tell them how much you appreciate them. Many times our officers don’t get to enjoy holidays with their families, and we know that’s one of the many burdens that comes with a job operates 24/7.

But let’s all ask ourselves, is it okay for an officer that hasn’t has a Christmas morning at home in three years to make so little money that he works 10, 20, or even 30 hours of overtime Christmas week to afford to pay the mortgage and buy presents for his three children?

For the victim of a violent crime, is it okay that the crime scene technician that just arrived to analyze the crime scene is on his 16th hour on duty because he worked a double shift the day the crime occurred just to make ends meet?

Do you think its fair that an on-call detective can’t visit his elderly parents in Texas because he’s required to report in as soon as he gets a phone call, and he isn’t compensated at all while he’s on call?

We think that there needs to be an open, honest discussion about the issues that affect our officers and our communities. All across the United States, we celebrate the enduring spirit and industrious nature of the American worker on Labor Day. Bossier C.O.P.S. just ask you to remember the fine men and women who give so much and ask so little.

Thank you for support, and thank you again for reading and sharing our Facebook page. It means a lot to all of us at Bossier C.O.P.S. God bless you this Labor Day, and God bless our officers!

2 thoughts on “Special Labor Day Weekend Message from Bossier C.O.P.S.

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  1. I’m so thankful for all the hard work of these bcpd police officers. The sad thing is these police officers are probably working these holidays without any extra hourly pay like some other industries provide.


  2. I just want to say thank you for allowing all to have a voice and be heard. These things have needed to be discussed for years and years. Your information is to the point and honest. BCPD has trained officers willing to take a bullet for complete strangers. They should feel appreciated, valued and like they are a priority. Sadly they are made to feel very low and at the bottom of the list. The short staffing is dangerous for all of the officers on each shift as well as the public. It also has an impact on the spouses, families and children. As much money as the city spends the LAW enforcement officers should be top priority for the public/citizens. They are all over the city, they are working the school zones, they are in the grocery stores, they are working security, they are doing public service. They are securing child safety seats. They are comforting little children begging them not to leave because they are afraid. They are directing traffic. They are also keeping eyes out for other things, wrecks, speeding druck drivers etc…


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